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Looking to apply, have applied or already part of our interview process? You might be wondering what’s next… Here’s a bit of insight on what to expect and when.

We have a slightly different process for our Engineering and Commercial and Corporate roles, which you can find here:

EngineeringCommercial and Corporate

  • We’ll try our best, and hope you will do the same.

    • Behind every interviewer, there’s a human. We've been in your position before so we know how nerve wracking interviewing can be. We’re an open, friendly and down-to-earth bunch at Trustpilot so don't worry, we won’t bite — we just want to get to know you more.

    Get to know us, as we’ll get to know you.

    • The recruitment process is a two-way street, which means we want you to get to know us, too. The more research you do, the better you’ll be prepared — and the more impressed we’ll be.

    Be true to yourself.

    • We want to work with you, not someone you think you should be. We’re a very open-minded, international and eclectic group who values diversity in every way. We hope you’ll like us as much as we like you.

    COVID-19 Update:

    We’re doing all interviews remotely and are excited to meet you through our computer screens. You can expect to be onboarded remotely with a personalized onboarding plan to get you up to speed and all set to work from home. We send regular updates aligned with local government recommendations and want to create the safest environment for everyone.

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    1. Application review

    After you send in your application, our goal is to get back to you as soon as possible — but no later than four weeks after you apply.

    2. Exploratory call

    If you’re selected to move forward, one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists will schedule a phone call with you to tell you more about Trustpilot, learn more about you, and deep dive into the role.

    3. First interview and assessment

    You’ll meet with your potential new manager and another member from the team. This will be more of a competency based interview and they’ll be interested to find out more about you, your experience, and why you’re interested in the role at Trustpilot.

    They’ll also be able to give you lots of information about the opportunity, the team you’d be joining, and answer all of your questions. Remember, we want to make sure that the role is just as much of a right match for you as it is for us, so don’t hold back on questions.

    Our behavioral assessment (which you’ll receive before the interview) takes 5-10 minutes and gives us insight into your natural drives, needs, and behaviors. Answer instinctively and honestly as there are no right or wrong answers. There’s also a cognitive portion where we want to see how you would approach challenges, articulate your thoughts and execute your ideas. We like to use the results of these to help structure your final interview.

    4. Task and final interview

    At the final interview, you'll be meeting with your potential manager again as well as some additional team members. This interview will delve deeper into what you can add to the team and your personal & professional motivations and career aspirations.

    For some roles, we’ll ask you to complete a short task to prepare and present your ideas for ~20-30 minutes during the interview.

    The task will be closely related to the role you're applying for and give you insight into a role-based challenge you’d be likely to encounter. Based on the size of the case, we'll give you plenty of time to complete it — but if there are any concerns about timelines, just let your Talent Specialist know. Most tasks take around 2-4 hours to complete so make sure to set realistic expectations. We understand you’re busy, too!

    5. Offer

    Following the final interview stage, the team will review and make final decisions based on the feedback from each of the stages, and who we feel will be the best fit for the role at this time. If you’re not successful, we’ll give you full feedback and let you know how we came to our decision.

    If you are successful (woohoo!), we’ll give you a call and run through all the details. If you decide to accept — and we hope you do —we’ll get you set up as our newest Trustie with everything ready for your first day.

    6. Onboarding

    You’ll be enrolled into our brand new e-onboarding training to learn all the big things Trustpilot, and all the little things you need to know when starting a new job. Your manager will also create a personalized onboarding plan and ensure you have everything you need to get up to speed.

    We understand starting a new job can be nerve wracking, and may feel even stranger starting remotely, but you will have lots of team contact and will also be assigned a buddy to help you settle in.

    We can’t wait for you to join!

    • Don’t let the nerves overtake you. When meeting your potential team, it's important for you to explore how you feel about working with them. Get to know them, their working style, your manager’s management style and see if it's compatible with what you need. Remember, they’re looking forward to meeting you — and we’re rooting for you!

    • Showcase hard and soft skills needed for the role. Feel free to bring new ideas and challenge the status quo.

    • Be as detailed as possible when completing a task. It’s always best to be over prepared than under prepared! Think about how you can engage your audience. We typically recommend having powerpoint presentations over word documents, as they’re easier on the eyes.

    • Think about your career aspirations and if they align with the progression of the role. We want you to want to be here, and we want you to grow with us.
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