These guidelines (the "Guidelines") apply to any use by companies and organisations ("Company") of Trustpilot's products and services.

1 Inviting users to submit reviews of the Company

When the Company sends out invitations to its customers ("User", "Users", depending on the circumstances) and asks them to review the Company on Trustpilot, the Company must observe the following mandatory rules. The rules apply regardless of whether the review invitation emails are sent via our Review Invitation Service or independently hereof:

1. The Company must ensure that Users are invited equally and identically to submit a review about their experience dealing with the Company, including a buying experience. This also applies when review invitations are emailed to previous Users through our Kickstart Review Service, which is an integrated part of the Review Invitation Service, or via the Company's own system.

2. The Company may not invite selected Users to submit a review; the Company must invite all or no one. If the Company wishes to deviate from the principle of all or none, the Company must give us prior notice by contacting us by email: It rests with the Company to ensure that the selection of Users, who are invited to submit a review are selected in an objective, unbiased manner, for example the invitation of every 3rd User.

3. The invitation to submit a review must be unbiased and independent of whether the User is expected to have had a positive or negative experience in connection with her/his purchase at the Company.

4. The language in the invitation to submit a review must be neutral and e.g. without any attempts to (i) influence the User in a positive or negative direction or (ii) attract specific types of Users.

A User is a customer who; (i) has purchased a product or service from the Company, (ii) has placed an order with the Company, or (iii) can otherwise document using the Company's service.

The Company is encouraged to use our default text which is seen in the Review Invitation Service when sending out review invitations. If the Company makes changes to our default text, the Company must ensure that the changes are in accordance with the above guidelines. If we deem that the text in a review invitation does not comply with the above guidelines, we are at any time entitled to reinsert the default text in the review invitation. If we do so, we will notify the Company of the same.

It is in every respect the Company's responsibility to ensure that the Company's review invitations and methods for selecting Users who receive an invitation to review are in accordance with all applicable laws.

2 Use of the order number functionality

We give the Company the opportunity to use our order number functionality. The order number functionality entails that a User must insert an order number in order to write a review of the Company.

In addition, reviews submitted independently of the Review Invitation Service may be subject to an order number verification to support the validity in the event that the Company is exposed to serious documented abuse on our platform, which results in significant damage to the Company's reputation. Order number verification is a functionality that can be implemented on Trustpilot. It entails that the User must insert an appropriate order number to be able to write a review of the Company.

Order number verification can only be set up by contacting us by email: and at the same time forwarding evidence of the abuse. Order number verification does not give retroactive verification of reviews posted prior to its activation.

If the Company establishes that invalid order numbers are used in connection with submitting reviews, the Company must inform us hereof without undue delay by reporting the review.

We reserve the right to turn off the order number verification in cases of suspected abuse of the functionality, and/or if we can no longer determine the need for the functionality.

3 Use of Trustpilot Designs

The Company will be able to see in the administration module on Trustpilot whether the Company is entitled to use our logos, graphics and trademarks ("Trustpilot Designs").

Our Trademark Guidelines detail who where and how Trustpilot Designs may be used.

If the Company displays the TrustRating, category ranking and/or Trustpilot Stars on for example the Company's website, the Company must ensure that the displayed TrustRating, category ranking and Trustpilot Stars are always accurate and reflect the Company's actual TrustRating, ranking and the awarded number of Trustpilot Stars on Trustpilot's website.

4 Fabricated reviews

The purpose of Trustpilot is to create a platform where Users can freely share their buying experiences or equivalent relationship with the Company, cf. section 1, and thereby provide an informative and fair view of the Company's service.

Trust is crucial to us and therefore we cannot under any circumstances accept fabricated reviews, i.e. reviews that are not an expression of a genuine buying experience, for example because the review is created by or on behalf of the Company.

We consider direct and indirect creation of fabricated reviews a material breach of the agreement between the Company and us. It is irrelevant how the fabricated reviews are created, including whether they are created by internal employees of the Company or by external consultants.

We use specially developed software to detect fabricated reviews. Reviews that we deem false, fabricated or similar will be deleted, moved or highlighted, and we are entitled to publish information about this in connection with the Company's profile on Trustpilot.

5 Reviews written by the Company's employees

It is not permitted for Company employees, former employees, Company owners, directors or family members thereof, to write reviews of the Company.

6 Collection of reviews on the Company's premises or via the Company's equipment

The Company may not set up equipment for Users, for example by setting up a computer, tablet etc. on the Company's premises or similar and encouraging Users to review the Company. This is due to our specially developed software used to detect fabricated reviews, which will detect and delete such reviews as they may for example be written from the same IP address. We can however give permission for the collection of reviews on the Company's premises - but never through company equipment - if the Company contacts us prior to the collection by email: and:

(i) informs us of how the collection will take place

(ii) provides us with the Company's IP address and location, and

(iii) guarantees that the Guidelines are respected, including the principles in section 1.

However, we reserve the right at any time without prior notice and justification to withdraw our permission.

7 Misuse of the reporting functionality

It is possible for the Company to report reviews that the Company believes are in violation of our guidelines. The Company is not allowed to misuse this reporting functionality for example by (i) carrying out unfounded or incorrect reporting of many or all of the bad reviews, (ii) reporting competitors' positive reviews, (iii) reporting the same review multiple times, when it has already been assessed in accordance to our internal quality process, unless there are exceptional circumstances. We consider such behavior a material breach of the agreement between the Company and us.

8 Threats against Users and Trustpilot employees

Unfortunately, we have experienced that a few companies have threatened Users, for example by making unjustified claims for damages, unless specific reviews (typically negative) are removed. Moreover, we have experienced threats against our employees. Of course we cannot accept such behavior, which we regard as a material breach of the agreement between the Company and us, and can lead to the immediate filing of a report with the relevant authorities.